BEYOND PNG HAVE OVER 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM. THE COMPANY HAS A BUILDING GOOD IMAGE, NOT ONLY ON THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED, BUT ON THE GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PARTNERS AND THOSE. PNG is committed to the work of a highly qualified team, state-of-the-art equipment, high standards in all stages of its work - research, design, implementation, warranty service, as well as in the individual approach to its clients. The management of the company combines its professional knowledge with a good sense of customer needs and uncompromising attitude to the standards and quality in each of its dimensions, trying to upgrade with each subsequent project. The PNG team is made up of professionals with many years of experience in various fields of construction and repair. PRACTICE teach us to offer comprehensive services to its customers fits correctly and response to every one of them .We appropriate specialists for all the construction and repair work they need. Builders, plasterers, tilers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, GIPSADZHII, ESKAYOLISTI, PLADURISTI, painters, installers MARMOLISTI WHERE NEEDS WORK WITH ARCHITECTS, drafting licenses and RAZRESHITELNI.STREMIM to facilitate to the utmost our customers without having to LOOKING FOR DIFFERENT MASTERS AND COMPANIES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THEIR PROJECTS. PNG WE ARE CONSIDERING ALL THIS AND WE ARE READY TO IMPLEMENT YOUR PROJECT

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